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Hip Extension with Ball Print


Hip Extension with Ball

Purpose: This is an advance hip strengthening exercise that works hip muscles and the core muscles as well.


  1. 1)Place legs on top of the physioball with knees bent and back flat on floor.
  2. 2)Lift buttocks and low back off the floor by extending hips and straightening knees. Make sure to keep the ball steady under your calves so as to work the core muscles as well.
  3. 3)Bend knees until both heels are pressing again the ball. Make sure you keep your trunk straight throughout.
  4. 4)Follow the steps in reverse to return to the resting position.
  5. 5)Repeat steps 1-4 for ___________reps

Precautions: Make sure that your make is not overly arch when extending the hips as this can cause too much strain in your low back. Proper form for this exercise is very important and is a good idea to either have another observer check your form or use a mirror when doing this for the first couple of times. Done properly, this is an excellent exercise that targets the hips and back/abdominal muscles.



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